Kind words from happy French learners

Before using 30 Day French, I had spent one year struggling with French grammar and couldn’t speak French at all.

After using 30 Day French for only 30 days, I feel that I better understand French grammar and feel more confident speaking.

I particularly love the slow audio, because it helps my ears to listen more so that i can speak more and can honestly say that this course has saved me lot’s of time and prevented many headaches.

I would totally recommend this course. In fact, I passed it to my 13 year-old daughter Lili who finds your course is much simpler and easier to understand than her textbook.

Lyn testimonial

Lyn – Indonesia

The best thing about 30 Day French for me, was just how accessible and enjoyable it made the process of learning the language. That’s never happened to me before.

From the capsule sized lessons where I was able to listen, read and understand the concepts around the dialogues in as little as five minutes at a time, to the everyday scenarios that I could practice (e.g asking for directions at the train station, shopping), I found myself absorbing the vocabulary and the nuances of grammar from the course automatically, because it was easy to understand.

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J. Williams Robson – Nottingham

There are so many online resources for learning French that it can be overwhelming to try and choose!

I found I was spending too much time looking for the “best” course when I should have been spending that time learning. I found 30 Day French was just what I had been looking to find.

It gives me a quick lesson I can easily fit into my day. I look forward to it, even after a long day at work. I can access it on my computer, tablet and phone – so can easily complete or review a lesson when I have a few minutes to spare.

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Laura 30 Day French review

Laura – Portland – United States

It is an excellent French course – very different than how we learn a language in the classroom. I wish I had known these lessons before moving to France. It took me FOREVER to figure out that you could switch ‘on’ and ‘nous’ when speaking. I had no idea what people were saying! Great work!

Emily Bernstein

Emily Bernstein – Providence – United States